OctoPrint® Multiple Printers V

As my Octoprint® Project extends, It’s time to give my Raspberry Pi®, that’s functioning as OctoPrint server with PSU control, a proper Enclosure. The goal is to make a casing that feels and looks like a complete product, simplifying installation and eliminating clutter. So at first I took the dimensions from the hardware that’s needed to run my OctoPrint […]

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OctoPrint® Multiple Printers II

OctoPrint® is a great solution for controlling your 3D printer. However, it’s missing one key function. You can’t turn the 3D printer on and off. Now that we have setup our OctoPrint® Server for multiple printers we are going to add this hardware and software feature. Hardware I assume you already have your OctoPrint® Server

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CNC – 3018 Pro

Yes!, today I ordered my first CNC Machine. I had searched the internet for a affordable CNC router. An I found the CNC 3018 PRO. If you’re interested in making things, and since you’re reading this, we’re going to assume you are, you’ve almost certainly felt a desire to make plastic or metal parts. 3D

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