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Hi! My name is Achim Pieters, an electrical hobbyist and maker from the Netherlands which loves to build stuff with PCB’s, 3D printing, milling & everything which comes in my hands. For some of my projects I’m creating Youtube videos to share it with all of you guys out there. StudioPieters· is opensource and free. That doesn’t mean we don’t need any money. 

Please consider a donation to help me cover the ongoing costs like webservers and other costs.

Open Source

StudioPieters· is Open Source and free. StudioPieters· is my public process for sharing innovative new technologies and collaborative development. The user feedback that you provide to StudioPieters· is really on ideas while they’re still in an early conceptual stage. The best way to learn is to start experimenting yourself and share your experience.


If you have any comments or questions regarding any Project use the Disqus form below every project. For your convenience, answers to many frequently asked questions about our projects are always available in the comments section below every project.


You can find our source code on Github. The largest open source community in the world. GitHub is a code sharing and publishing service, with a social networking ability for programmers. Your contributions help make technology better for everyone, developers and non-developers alike. Whatever your skill level, working on open source software is a great way to learn new things.

Non Profit

StudioPieters· is a non profit organisation. StudioPieters·  is opensource and free. That doesn’t mean we don’t need any money. Please consider a donation to help us cover the ongoing costs like webservers and other costs.


(ESP HomeKit Software Development Kit)

I am so enthusiastic about this Software Development Kit, that I wrote many blogs about this genius software. In each blog, I will address another accessory that you can add to your HomeKit without the need of a bridge.

These HomeKit accessories will create a simple smart home control for the whole family: anyone in the home can control multiple smart home devices wirelessly with the press of a button instead of resorting to a smartphone app. Got interested? Have a look at my HomeKit Projects!


The open source HDI Connectorॱ platform. Build your own HDI Connector· The HDI Connector· is a connector used primarily for programming of Microcontrollers. HDI Connector· is developed to use as little as space as possible. The connector is made of standard PCB material, this can be unused space on your PCB or on the side of a PCB, which can be broken off.

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