PID controller

A PID controller or controller is a very advanced electronic thermostat that ensures that the temperature, for example of an oven or proofing cabinet, reaches and retains the set temperature very accurately (and as quickly as possible). PID controller PID stands for Proportionally Integrating and Differentiating. A PID controller is a very advanced thermostat (temperature controller). A …

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HomeKit – Thread

Thread is a new, energy-efficient networking technology found on the HomePod mini and Apple TV 4K (2021). Products from Nanoleaf, Eve and other manufacturers have also increasingly been made suitable for thread. What is it, and what can you do with it? You can read that here. What is Thread? Thread is an IP-based network …

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HomeKit – Matter

Matter, previously project CHIP, is the new foundation for connected things. Guided by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, and developed through collaboration amongst all the leaders of the IoT industry, Matter focuses on building connected devices that are secure, reliable, and importantly, seamless to use. Espressif has been a part of the Matter initiative since early days, …

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Fritzing – New Parts

As you are used to, I always illustrate my projects with a scheme made in Fritzing. The standard components are usually present in the default software. But often enough there are components not present. I then make these components myself. Because I have added a whole series again, I wanted to share my own new library, and …

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