Raspberry – Digital Signage / Narrowcasting

For my work, I have been asked to look into a Raspberry – Digital Signage / Narrowcasting tool. In this blog we are going to use a Raspberry Pi for this project and I will show you how to install the digital signage software called Screenly OSE. Screenly Open Source Edition Meet Screenly OSE. The …

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ESP32 – S3 MINI Pinout

Since Espressif Systems arrived in our collective consciousness, they have expanded their range from the ESP8266 to the ESP32, and going beyond the original WROOM and WROVER modules to a range of further ESP32 products. There’s a single-core variant and one that packs a RISC-V core in place of the Tensilica one, and now they’ve …

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OctoPrint® Multiple Printers V

As my Octoprint® Project extends, It’s time to give my Raspberry Pi®, that’s functioning as OctoPrint server with PSU control, a proper Enclosure. The goal is to make a casing that feels and looks like a complete product, simplifying installation and eliminating clutter. So at first I took the dimensions from the hardware that’s needed to run my OctoPrint …

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ESP8684 – ESPC2-02 Pinout

ESPC2-02 Wi-Fi and BLE coexistence Module is a highly integrated single-chip low power 802.11bgn Wireless LAN (WLAN) network controller. It combines a RISC CPU, WLAN MAC, a 1T1R capable WLAN baseband, RF, and Bluetooth in a single chip. It also provides a bunch of configurable GPIO, which are configured as digital peripherals for different applications …

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OctoPrint® Multiple Printers II

OctoPrint® is a great solution for controlling your 3D printer. However, it’s missing one key function. You can’t turn the 3D printer on and off. Now that we have setup our OctoPrint® Server for multiple printers we are going to add this hardware and software feature. Hardware I assume you already have your OctoPrint® Server …

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A thermocouple is a device for measuring temperature. It comprises two dissimilar metallic wires joined together to form a junction. When the junction is heated or cooled, a small voltage is generated in the electrical circuit of the thermocouple which can be measured, and this corresponds to temperature. Basics of Thermocouples A thermocouple consists of …

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PID controller

A PID controller or controller is a very advanced electronic thermostat that ensures that the temperature, for example of an oven or proofing cabinet, reaches and retains the set temperature very accurately (and as quickly as possible). PID controller PID stands for Proportionally Integrating and Differentiating. A PID controller is a very advanced thermostat (temperature controller). A …

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