Raspberry Pi

Happy New Year 2022

Year 2021 will go down in history as one of the worst in recent memory. It has been pretty eventful, to put it lightly. With the pandemic being the dominant problem, punctuated by a lot of calamities, the year felt like it came by fast and slow at the same time. For most of us, …

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ESP HomeKit

ESP HomeKit SDK – On a Raspberry Pi Zero W

The first question that probably comes to your mind is “What?, Why?” when you read this headline: ESP HomeKit SDK – On a Raspberry Pi Zero W.  Well I tell you why. While I was waiting for some stuff from Aliexpress I had noting else to do. I seems that I would not receive my …

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Raspberry Pi – Super Nintendo

Dad I want a Nintendo! that’s what I hear for days from my little princess. Ever since Mario is popular again, even Nintendo and LEGO introduced several Super Mario LEGO sets with an interactive Super Mario doll. Also the Nintendo game console is hip and happening again. Time to make my little princess happy. Hardware …

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Raspberry Pi Zero W – MagicMirror²

This is a Project, that’s for a really long time on my bucket list! The MagicMirror², so time to realize this one. Despite the fact that the Raspberry Pi 0/1 is currently not supported. I want to install the MagicMirror² on my Raspberry Pi Zero W anyway. So let’s start building. MagicMirror² MagicMirror² is an …

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