ESP8266 – HomeKit Air Quality Sensor

In my previous blog here I tested the ESP HomeKit Software Development Kit. I am so enthusiastic about this Software Development Kit, that I going to write a few blogs about this genius software. In each Blog I will address a other accessory that you can add to your HomeKit without the need of a …

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ESP8266 – HomeKit Accessory Pairing

After making a lot of ESP8266 HomeKit samples, it might be time to explain how to add more than one accessory to HomeKit. Take the ESP8285 – Power Plug for example. Suppose I want to add more than one power plug, how do you do that? I will explain hot to do multiple HomeKit Accessory …

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ESP8266 – Auto Program & Reset

The upload procedure for ESP8266 boards is a little different from a standard Arduino procedure. Most Arduino’s will automatically reset when a new program is being uploaded, and will automatically enter programming mode. On some ESP boards you have to manually enter programming mode, and on the bare-bones modules, you even have to reset them …

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ESP8266 – LifeCycle Manager 2.1.2

While LifeCycle manager has seen several issues in the past and last week (first week of February 2021), these are now all solved. BUT, if you are stuck with a LifeCycle manager V1.0.0, then you have only till 31 March 2021 to upgrade. I introduced you to LifeCycle manager 2 to manage your Firmware you made for your …

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ESP HomeKit SDK – Revised Installation

After a while all software will be updated or there will be some bug fix releases. So does the software that is needed for the Installation (or setup) of the HomeKit SDK (including perquisites and updates), is the act of making the program ready for execution. Because the process varies for each program and each computer, …

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