ESP HomeKit

ESP8266 – HomeKit Essentials Lightstrip

This Project is Featured on instructables! I have already written several blogs about ESP HomeKit. For the more experienced makers, this is not a problem. But for starters or starting makers or hobbyists it may not be so easy. That’s why in this blog I’m going to make a LED strip using 3 “standard” modules. […]

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ESP HomeKit

ESP8266 HomeKit – Battery Status

Slowly but surely I am looking at the extensions of the “standard” ESP HomeKit accessories, how to implement them. Now I am working on the Battery status. We need some circuit which can effectively measure voltage. Battery monitoring circuit is a traditional voltage divider circuit. I am going to measure 3.7 volt (lithium Polymer) battery.

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ESP HomeKit

HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification

When I’m coding a new ESP-HomeKit accessory I use the free HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification (Non-Commercial Version) form Apple. To see how to use the characteristics and what type of options there are for a specific type of accessory. All you need or want to know can be found in this protocol.   Overview HomeKit

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