ESP8266 – Auto Program & Reset

The upload procedure for ESP8266 boards is a little different from a standard Arduino procedure. Most Arduino’s will automatically reset when a new program is being uploaded, and will automatically enter programming mode. On some ESP boards you have to manually enter programming mode, and on the bare-bones modules, you even have to reset them …

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ESP8266 – ESP-WROOM-02 with 18650 battery

The “WEMOS D1 Esp-Wroom-02” that I got from Ali express is another micro controller development board with an ESP8266 WiFi chip. The board has an integrated 18650 battery charging circuit. There is also a board that has an OLED screen and a directional button built-in. This makes the board an excellent option for mobile applications. And like all …

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Raspberry Pi® – Powerunit® – Part III

In my previous blogs I started a new project Raspberry Pi® –  Powerunit® with a follow up about the software here. Hereafter I designed the PCB in KICAD here. It used to be, that buying PCB’s in hobby quantities, was expensive and filled with gotcha’s. Now, places like Seeed Studio can send your PCB’s to …

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