ESP8266 HomeKit – Battery Status

Slowly but surely I am looking at the extensions of the “standard” ESP HomeKit accessories, how to implement them. Now I am working on the Battery status. We need some circuit which can effectively measure voltage. Battery monitoring circuit is a traditional voltage divider circuit. I am going to measure 3.7 volt (lithium Polymer) battery. …

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ESP8266 – HomeKit NeoPixel RGBW Light Strip

In my previous blog here I tested the ESP 8266 – HomeKit NeoPixel Light Strip. I am so enthusiastic about this Software Development Kit, that I going to write a few blogs about this genius software. In each Blog I will address a other accessory that you can add to your HomeKit without the need …

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ESP HomeKit SDK – Revised Installation

After a while all software will be updated or there will be some bug fix releases. So does the software that is needed for the Installation (or setup) of the HomeKit SDK (including perquisites and updates), is the act of making the program ready for execution. Because the process varies for each program and each computer, …

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HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification

When I’m coding a new ESP-HomeKit accessory I use the free HomeKit Accessory Protocol Specification (Non-Commercial Version) form Apple. To see how to use the characteristics and what type of options there are for a specific type of accessory. All you need or want to know can be found in this protocol.   Overview HomeKit …

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ESP HomeKit SDK – Reset HomeKit Device

For those who follow my blog know that I have been working with ESP HomeKit for a while. To make new accessories I have to regularly re-flash my ESP modules. Especially when debugging the code, it often happens that I have to re-flash the firmware again. But here lies some troubles, When you didn’t removed …

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