ATTINY – Micro-Controller Programming

I’m currently working on a project that requires a cheap, low-power micro-controller that’s programmable through Arduino and has a few more pins than the “standard” ATtiny85 micro-controller. That’s where I found the ATtiny84 and the ATtiny2313. It has many of the same features as the ATtiny85, but has 12 I/O pins / 18 I/O pins …

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Raspberry Pi® – Powerunit® – Part III

In my previous blogs I started a new project Raspberry Pi® –  Powerunit® with a follow up about the software here. Hereafter I designed the PCB in KICAD here. It used to be, that buying PCB’s in hobby quantities, was expensive and filled with gotcha’s. Now, places like Seeed Studio can send your PCB’s to …

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Raspberry Pi® – Powerunit® PCB Design

In my previous blog I covered the hardware and software  and part II here for my  Raspberry Pi® – Powerunit® project. Now its time for the PCB Design. KiCad Although KiCad (pronounced ‘Kai-Cad’, not ‘Key-Cad’ like the thing that goes in a lock) is the new hotness when it comes to PCB design. The amazing growth …

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