ESP8684 – ESPC2-02 Pinout

ESPC2-02 Wi-Fi and BLE coexistence Module is a highly integrated single-chip low power 802.11bgn Wireless LAN (WLAN) network controller. It combines a RISC CPU, WLAN MAC, a 1T1R capable WLAN baseband, RF, and Bluetooth in a single chip. It also provides a bunch of configurable GPIO, which are configured as digital peripherals for different applications

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HomeKit – Matter

Matter, previously project CHIP, is the new foundation for connected things. Guided by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, and developed through collaboration amongst all the leaders of the IoT industry, Matter focuses on building connected devices that are secure, reliable, and importantly, seamless to use. Espressif has been a part of the Matter initiative since early days,

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ESP HomeKit

ESP8266 – HomeKit Blinds Contact Sensor

Know the status of your blinds. Simple and easy to install with no tools required, The ESP8266 – HomeKit blinds Contact Sensor combines simple technology with everyday peace of mind. And even better, it can control other HomeKit accessories in your home when blinds are opened or closed. ESP8266 – HomeKit Blinds Contact Sensor Refine

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