3D Models – Snap Fit

If you’re a maker, designer or an engineer, chances are you’ll need to make a custom enclosure at some point. This might be a simple container to keep small items organized or a fully functional prototype as I made here in the past. With Autodesk® Fusion 360 software and a desktop 3D printer, you can […]

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Raspberry Pi – Apache Web Server – Part II

In my previous blog I installed Apache 2 on a raspberry Pi. To display more than simple HTML pages, you need to install and configure additional software such as a database server and scripting language PHP. For more convenience and security you can still arrange things like SSL. You do that as follows.You can install

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Apple – Teacher

As part of Apple’s new education initiative, Apple has refreshed a new e-learning tool for teachers to quickly get up to speed with what Apple offers, and StudioPieters. has followed the whole course. Apple Teacher helps alleviate that with some very approachable training. Signing up for Apple Teacher requires an Apple ID, and asks which grade

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