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When you are starting with KiCad you will soon be searching if there is a option to add custom parts. KiCad has all common parts in it’s standard libraries, but it can’t hold all parts that are on the market.  SnapEDA solved the KiCad libraries “problem”, SnapEDA is a free online CAD library for KiCad, with symbols, footprints, and 3D models for millions of electronic components. I also needed some custom parts in the past for some projects, but then I didn’t know SnapEDA was out there.

Symbols & Footprints

SnapEDA is a free, online parts library for circuit board design. I started this because of my frustrations designing PCB’s and getting derailed making symbols and footprints from scratch, and testing dubious SPICE models.

The library currently includes PCB footprints, schematic symbols, and 3D models that export to EAGLE, KiCad, Altium, Cadence OrCAD & Allegro, Mentor PADS, & Pulsonix. They plan to expand to other formats and types of content moving forward. There library are free and will always be free to support designers.

Find & Download

1. Search For a Part. Browse KiCad symbols, footprints, and 3D models from more than 20 categories, including Microprocessors, Amplifiers, Buffers and Power Management

2. Download Download the KiCad schematic symbol and PCB footprint for free.

3. Get Back to Design Import directly into KiCad (or other CAD tools) and save hours on design

The Standards they Follow

SnapEDA follows IPC-7351B standards for its footprints, and a combination of IEEE-315 and its own standards for symbols.

Create your own

Build circuit boards faster with simple computer vision. Save hours creating schematic symbols and PCB footprints by using simple computer vision and OCR to build them in minutes. All Free.

How It Works

Step 1 Highlight the pin definition from the data sheet. The pin data will be extracted using our computer vision algorithm.

Step 2 Modify the extracted data to your preferences if needed and generate the symbol.

Step 3 The symbol will automatically link to a verified footprint. It can then be downloaded in all major formats.

How cool is that!





Snap EDA(2019), Download free symbols & footprints. The internet’s first circuit board design library,



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