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For those who know me a little better, know that I’am a huge fan of Star Wars. When I was browsing the internet, I came across this model The AT-AT form Star Wars, A iconic machine that was speaking to the imagination of everyone that had seen the movie. The Model was free to download, so I had to make it!

Star Wars AT-AT

The All Terrain Armored Transport (AT-AT) is a four-legged combat walker of the All-terrain vehicle line used by the ground forces of the Galactic Empire, and the First Order. With the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, stormtroopers and the TIE fighter, it was one of the most famous symbols of the Empire’s military might.

The All-terrain vehicle first made its official appearance in the 1980 film Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back with the appearances of both the All Terrain Armoured Transport and the All Terrain Scout Transport, both of which were seen in the opening scenes of the movie. However, the vehicle line was not officially named until the release of the 2017 video game Star Wars Battlefront II published by Electronic Arts.

The Model

The model is a so called Print-in-place Articulated model and it’s Free! Print-in-place models are fun and special 3D prints because they use various hinges, links, and joints to create moving parts that are printed in a single task. Many print-in-place models can achieve an impressive amount of detail and still maintain a high degree of mobility. With this style, you can even print models that unfold to be larger than the size of your build plate!

I found this model on the website of Fab365. They created Star-Wars AT-AT exclusively for Fab365 members only. But you can download it too. You only need to verify your email address to download this item.

They had received numerous requests from customers. Among them, there are the most requests for Star Wars items, and this time they created ATAT, which received the most requests. ATAT stands for All Terrain Armored Transport and first appeared in the Star Wars .

The 3D Model Parts

The characteristics of ATAT designed this time are first of all, Almost every detail is described. It has described more detail than any ATAT produced by 3D printing so far. Using the print-in-place and folding structure, almost all movements were implemented with just a few printings.

Building the model

How to make after printing is as follows.
1. Rotate and attach the neck to the connected lower body.

NOTE: If the neck is not attached to the lower body first, the upper body cannot be properly connected later.

2. Put the upper body on the lower body. At this time, use the elasticity to slightly open and fit.
Then, attach the side parts to the upper body with adhesive.
3. Push the head and put it on the neck.
4. Fold the ankle and attach it to the leg with adhesive.
5. Push the foot and put it on the leg.
6. Glue the 4 legs prepared in this way to the body.

I Have to admit an impressive model! But my old Tevo Tarantula 3D printer needs to be replaced for a more modern version. Although that it printed the model quite fine, It could not do it in the high persuasion required. So I had to force some parts to loosened up  before I could assemble it. But It is a model worth of building!


Since the legs and neck can move in multiple angles, it is possible to create a scene in the movie. The model is made in the 1 : 144 scale and has a size of X 70mm, Y 191mm, Z 157mm

If you build one, let me know how things worked out, and a picture of your model would be great. Please leave you comment below in the Disqus form, so other can see it too!


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