Website – Hacked

For whom that visit my site frequently, saw that they were some strange things going on. A redirect to a .gg domain that wasn’t know by the internet? Have we been hacked?

I’m sorry to inform you, our website has been hacked*. But I am pleased to inform you no personal data has been hacked as we do not collect any data or whatsoever ourselves!


Do you see the asterisk * above? Not even my website, but Cloudflare, was compromised.

We wanted to figure out hot this happened in the first place, so it would not happen again. Lack of IT knowledge? Not keeping security software updated? That wasn’t the problem, I always update my software.

The most common reason that websites get hacked is not keeping up with website and security updates. Being a WordPress enthusiast, I can speak from experience that many folks do not keep their sites updated. Then, they are surprised when they get hacked…

So first I needed to determine the source of the problem and put proper practices and policies in place, so I can be confident this will not happen again. Once I identified the problem was at Cloudflare, the problem was solved quickly.


Sincere and humble apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. I am confident I have Procedures in place to prevent this from happening again. That is, everything that is within my reach, knowledge and ability. Guarantees can never be given, as security updates are released daily and hackers are always looking for new ways.

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