ESP8266 – HomeKit Air Quality Sensor

In my previous blog here I tested the ESP HomeKit Software Development Kit. I am so enthusiastic about this Software Development Kit, that I going to write a few blogs about this genius software. In each Blog I will address a other accessory that you can add to your HomeKit without the need of a …

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ESP8266 – HomeKit Accessory Pairing

After making a lot of ESP8266 HomeKit samples, it might be time to explain how to add more than one accessory to HomeKit. Take the ESP8285 – Power Plug for example. Suppose I want to add more than one power plug, how do you do that? I will explain hot to do multiple HomeKit Accessory …

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ESP8266 HomeKit – Battery Status

Slowly but surely I am looking at the extensions of the “standard” ESP HomeKit accessories, how to implement them. Now I am working on the Battery status. We need some circuit which can effectively measure voltage. Battery monitoring circuit is a traditional voltage divider circuit. I am going to measure 3.7 volt (lithium Polymer) battery. …

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