Star Wars – First Order Storm Trooper – Part III

As you already could read in one of my previous DIY – First Order Storm Trooper blog. I finished my Pepakura Storm Trooper helmet.

But as I where thinking about the resin stage, and how to fit the Storm Trooper helmet on my head, I soon realized that it was to small. For those who don’t know I’m also wearing glasses and need some additional space in the Storm Trooper helmet.

Storm Trooper helmet – The saga continues

So decided to start allover again. But here I ran into the first problem, how to scale the First Order Storm Trooper  helmet so it will fit me. I have the Pepekura files and the free Pepakura viewer. But i cant change anything in the file. Also the page’s are preset to Letter size, and I’m printing on A4. if i scale the PDF file it wouldn’t fit on the paper. So i decided to buy the Pepakura Designer. But first things first, i need to figure out how much I need to scale the helmet so it will fit me.

The First Order Storm Trooper helmet as it fits now.

The First Order Storm trooper helmet as I want to fit me.

The math

The first thing i need to do is the Math.

How do you get the percentage that you need to scale. Well you’ll need to divide the New size (X) by the Old size (Y), minus one times a hundred.

Percentage = ((X / Y) -1) x 100

I my case original length  is 284 mm and the desired length should be 300 mm.

Percentage = ((300 / 284) -1) x 100

So the answer is:

Percentage = 5,63%

When is scale the original with 5,63 percent then is will be slightly bigger as shown down here.

Finally i started up Pepkura Designer and changes the scale en re-unfold the pieces to a A4 paper grid. Unfortunately the is on piece that’s to big for A4 paper and I need to cut it and re-glue it together.

Final Stage

Finally my pepakura build of the adjusted size new Star Wars – First Order Storm Trooper helmet has reached his final stage.

After finishing the first Storm Trooper helmet, I set it on the shelf and moved on to make a bigger one. I wanted to have both helmets ready, so that I can make progress on both helmets at the same time. While one helmet is drying, I can coat the second one — seems most efficient.

As you could read in one of my previous post I scale the original with 5,63 percent then is will be slightly bigger as shown down here. Now I can also put in some styrofoam so it wont hurt my head  and will fit like a glove when wearing it.

Now the Storm Trooper helmet is ready to head into resin stage! I already found the polyester putty for after the resin stage. Now to find the right Resin.

You can  download my PDO files here for FREE! on my GitHub.

Download all Files for this project on github, clik here!

BONUS: you can also download the Iron Man – Helmet Mark VI, Star Wars Kylo Ren Helmet and the complete SW7 Stormtrooper Armour.

More information soon!

Do you have any questions? Leave a comment down below!
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