In my previous blog you could read how I made a proper home for my Homebridge project. The goal should be to make a casing that feels and looks like a Apple product , simplifying installation and eliminating clutter. So at first I took the dimensions from the Apple TV 4 casing, As then, I can all so mount it to the wall with my previous Apple TV 4 – Wall Mount. As you can read previous blogs here, here and here you can get familiar with the Raspberry pi Zero W and how to install Homebridge on it using Wi-Fi!. The Pi Zero W, released for the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s 5th birthday, solves a networking dilemma by adding Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to the same familiar package.


So now that we have a Wireless Homebridge we need a new casing.

As you can see I added a second bottom plate with some air holes in it. You can choose if you want the wholes or not because the “old” bottom plate is all so included. I all so left a whole section unused, this way I can extend the Homebridge as I want by adding all kind of things!

Download all Files for this project on Thingiverse:

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  • Emeru

    Where do you print these ? Everywhere I checked near me it would cost €100 to print. For this amount of money I’d rather go with a DIY solution and mold plastic around a existing box or use a vaccuum solution.

    What did this cost you to print?

  • @ Emeru

    Well It didn’t cost me that amount of money, because i have my own 3D printer.
    The cost for the top of the casing was € 0,90 for the filament (calculated by Cura ) and for the bottom part € 0,44 for the filament (calculated by Cura ).
    Maybe it’s time to buy your own 3D printer 😉 you check out my blog about my Tevo Tarantula printer.

  • Emeru

    Interesting, guess those companies earn a lot of money from this.

    Maybe a bit rude to ask, but is there a possibility that you could print this for me for a small fee. Obviously material costs and some for the hours.

  • @disqus_3iv3d7iClA:disqus

    I want to help you, but I don’t print commercially. I don’t know where you live, but here in the Netherlands we have a lot of options to Print 3D.
    For Example: when you upload the files as I did to see what the price will be, they will print both parts for you. The price lies around € 15,– give or take, when you print it in PLA.